Iron Heart - Oiled Whipcord N1 Deck Jacket - Black

$ 895.00

An oiled version of our popular N1, giving improved water-resistance to the jacket.  Due to the nature of whipcord and its reluctance to absorb, the heavy oiling of the fabric increases its weight from our standard 12oz to approximately 14oz. 

The classic N1 deck jacket was first produced for the US Navy in the early 1940s. Much copied since then, it has become a true style icon in its own right. This Iron Heart version remains pretty true to the original jackets on the basis that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". A minor tweak we’ve made for this oiled version is to remove the “D” stitching around the pockets to create a smoother look - but the one major, but unseen upgrade we have made for all of our N1 models, is to add an additional interlining to increase wind resistance.  A truly warm and great-looking winter jacket.