Fury Bros. - Betty Premium Candle

$ 32.00 $ 20.00

Everyone has a sensitive side, and ours is Betty. Velvety red rose sensually intertwines with the clean subtlety of white tea. Think floral, not sweet. Cry baby... cry. Red Rose and White Tea - One pint soy wax candle blended with natural oils. Approximate 80 hour burn. Made in America. All natural. Vegan friendly. 12.5 oz.  

  • VELVETY RED ROSE MEN'S FRAGRANCE - The Betty premium soy candle's floral scent intertwines with a clean and subtle white tea aroma. It's our sensitive side. Valentine.
  • SOY WAX CANDLE WITH NATURAL OILS - Fine soy wax combines with natural oils to create an eco and vegan-friendly aromatherapy candle that's safe to breathe.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY - Fury Bros. premium scented candles are soy based and free of stearic acid or beeswax. Not tested on animals.
  • MADE IN AMERICA - Vintage-inspired premium men's fragrance candles hand poured in the USA.
  • LONG BURNING - Enjoy an approximate 80-hour long-burn with every 1-pint Fury Bros. candle.