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Jackman - Waffle Mid-neck in Dark Navy

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Brand Jackman

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A waffle mid-neck made using a unique method using extra-thick thread. We use a soft and voluminous big waffle material that is knitted using a special machine that knits slowly at low speed. The main sewing on the body is flat seam, which creates a flat seam allowance. The sewing part on the skin side is flat, making it very comfortable to wear. The back is switched horizontally to prevent the fabric from sagging. Due to the characteristics of the material, the fabric tends to stretch during the sewing process, so lower the sewing machine speed and sew carefully. Since it is made of cotton, it does not generate static electricity and can be washed at home. This is a product packed with ingenuity to ensure that it can be worn for a long time. 
  • Made in Japan