orSlow - 105 Standard 13.5oz Selvedge Denim 2 Year Wash

$ 315.00
By orSlow

A 5-pocket classic straight that can be said to be the flagship of orSlow, which was completed after three years of trial and error since the brand was launched.

The front is a button fly with a versatile silhouette that is neither too thin nor too thick. Original denim woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom using specially treated uneven yarn. By repeating wearing and washing, you can feel a unique discoloration that cannot be found anywhere else. Hidden gimmicks such as sewing machines, sewing threads, and sewing specifications also appear after aging.

  • 13.5oz 2 year wash Japanese selvedge denim
  • orSlow's 105 Standard fit is a straight fit
  • Vintage style waist patch
  • Oxidized rivets
  • Button fly with custom iron waist button
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan