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Studio D'artisan - (5651) Noragi Sashiko Work Shirt

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Cotton clothing was very valuable when Japanese people used to wear kimono.
Survive the cold and surpass the heat. It is an important thing that is indispensable for living.

People at that time never wasted their clothes, reused them repeatedly and even if they were worn out and their kimonos were worn out, they used them carefully by sticking them to the fabric.

The combination of patterns created in this way and the warmth of hand-sashiko give off an unparalleled beauty. This shirt uses the original "NORAGI SASHIKO" fabric, which expresses such "stray sashiko" in jacquard weave.

Slavic threads of the same color (threads with uneven thickness) are used in places, and by combining heather threads, a pale color that seems to be worn out is expressed.

The sashiko thread that runs vertically and horizontally expresses the warmth of hand-sewn, so the direction and type are changed in places and
contracted to create complex irregularities on the surface of the fabric.
"NORAGI SASHIKO" has a thick texture, so you can wear it as a single piece, or you can use it as an outerwear all year round.

The button uses a nut button.

Measurements taken by hand of the shirts we have in store at City Workshop (as of 10/21/2021). -RPS

SIZE Shoulder-to-Shoulder Pit-to-Pit Sleeve Length
40 17.75' 21.25' 25.5' 28'
42 18.75' 22' 25.75'  28.75'
44 19.25' 23.25' 26' 29.25'