ManBasics - Beard Comb and Brush Kit

$ 30.00

Brand ManBasics

The ManBasics beard comb and brush kit will help tame your beard and keep it healthy. The comb is 100% natural Sandalwood, and the brush is high-quality boars hair bristles.

The ManBasics Beard Comb and Brush Kit features an all-natural sandalwood comb. It is double-sided with a fine comb on one side and a more rough comb on the other side. The dark sandalwood comb will glide through your beard smoothly without catching and pulling out beard hair as a synthetic brush can.

You will love using the sandalwood comb with our Whiskey Old Fashioned Beard Oil which features Sandalwood essential oil!

The brush features a beechwood handle and boars hair bristles. You will love the boar's hair bristles which are a little more firm than synthetic or horsehair bristles. This will help to pull through your beard instead of glossing over it.

The ManBasics Beard Comb and Brush Kit will arrive in a box designed to hold both comb and brush.

  • Sandalwood Comb
  • Beechwood and Boars Hair bristle brush