Left Field NYC - Atlas 15 oz Black Maria Extra Long Staple Cotton Denim

$ 165.00

This is the best looking black Sulphur dye selvedge denim on the market and at a price much lower then our competitors. We developed this deep black denim with a nice long grain running down the warp. Due to the nature of Extra Long Staple cotton they get a bit of a dull oily looking sheen from wear that looks like they are straight out of a 60's Peter Fonda Biker Movie. 

  • 15 oz long staple cotton selvedge denim - Green/White Line Selvedge 
  • Skull logo on inside rivets and tacks
  • All copper US made Universal Fastener hardware
  • American made bandana pocket bags out of heavy twill for durability
  • Navy foil embossed Bovine patch
  • Hidden rivets on back pockets
  • Hidden selvedge coin pocket
  • Green colored button hole stitching
  • Crafted with pride in the USA

The cotton is a very long staple cotton from a region of western China that is similar in length to Zimbabwe Cotton(considered the best cotton used in denim) but longer than pima. This cotton has to be hand picked to maintain the staple length since using modern machinery shortens the length. The softer cotton allows the indigo dye deeper penetration and is know for it's durability, strength and softness.

 ** Hand Wash, Hang Dry Only, do not machine wash it will cause unwanted crease lines**

Left Field jeans and chinos are not vanity sized. Please check the measurement table below before ordering.