KATO "The Stamp" T-Shirt - Light Indigo

$ 98.00

Brand KATO'

Two New Versions of Kato Brand’s Classic Tee.

The latest iteration of “The Stamp” tee has undergone the garment dye treatment and a wash, to channel the look and feel of a vintage t-shirt. Still boasting a rugged but soft 10oz fabric, this shirt is built to go the distance in comfort. Woven using an extra thick #10 yarn, this fabric has a subtle slubby texture that sets it apart from your average run-of-the-mill tee’s. We used a loose weave to enhance comfort and breathability. This season we are adding 3 new colors to “The Stamp” 10oz Tee lineup: Distressed Dyed Red, Distressed Dyed Military Green, and Distressed Dyed Dark Blue. 

For those who want a lighter weight tee, the new 6oz indigo dyed tee is the perfect balance between lightweight and durability. This shirt has been piece dyed and washed, to have the broken-in feel but is less aged than the garment dyed heavyweight version. 

Now available in Light Indigo and Dark Indigo. The cut of “The Stamp” Tee is influenced by vintage tees with a shorter length and roomier fit, but we didn’t want a tee that was too boxy. After careful development, we found the sweet spot between the vintage boxy cut found in old tee-shirts from the 50s, and the modern long and slim cuts prevalent today. “The Stamp” Tee is slightly cropped, so it sits at a perfect length when worn untucked.

The signature Kato Brand orange stitch on the care tag is a subtle detail to be discovered by wandering eyes. Another detail that elevates “The Stamp” from other standard tee shirts is the reinforced collar. It will not stretch out or sag with use. The combination of fabric and cut results in a comfortable, 100% cotton, year-round tee made to be worn on its own, not just as an underlayer. “The Stomp” Tee is a wardrobe essential. A shirt that stands on its own. Timeless.