KATO' "The Blade" Indigo Raw G Jacket 14oz 4-way Stretch

$ 338.00

Brand KATO'

“The Blade” Denim Jacket design was based on a vintage denim jacket with pleats on the front, often seen in the 1930s.

This symbol of vintage design was called "pleated blouse" in 1930 and originally adopted the design of a shirt.

The design that symbolize vintage, such as pleat secured by box-stitches, a pocket on one side (not both sides), created more emphasized vintage-like design.


Front Pleat - There is a function that makes it easy to expand and contract due to the pleats.

Front Pocket - The design of the breast pocket is a pocket type of KATO's original 5p jeans, and it is a deformed design that symbolizes KATO'. In addition, the pocket is oriented in a different direction from the body. This is because the body and the pocket will fade differently as you wear them.

Stitches - We adopted three chain stitches to armholes, back yoke, and side seams make it stronger and easy to fade.

Side Pockets -  Although it is not in the original vintage design, the side pockets have been added for functionality and ease of use.

  • Japanese fabric 
  • 14oz Selvedge
  • Made in USA