Jackman - Dotsume Rib T-Shirt - Iceberg x Butter

$ 150.00

Brand Jackman

Dotsume tenjiku ribbed T-shirt made by knitting American cotton with a loop knitting machine to the utmost tightness. By slowly knitting with a loop knitting machine, the weave is evenly packed, and shrinkage and distortion are less likely to occur even after repeated wearing and washing. In addition to the sense of security that sweat stains are less noticeable due to the thickness of the fabric, the tightening of the ribs creates a bulging sweatshirt-like form that reduces the adhesive surface to the skin. It is looser than a short-sleeved pocket T-shirt made of the same material, and has a gusset on the front and back of the neck. 

  • Made in Japan
  • 100% Cotton