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Cast Iron Cooking for Two: 150 Cast Iron Skillet Recipes Cookbook. Kindle Edition by Noah White (Author)

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It’s no secret that cooking at home is typically healthier and more frugal than going out to eat or ordering delivery. Yet for many of us, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Enter the cast iron skillet―the most underestimated tool of the culinary world.

Cast Iron Cookbook for Beginners is your cookbook for one-pan meals every night of the week. Crispy crusted casseroles, impeccably seared steaks, cakes baked to perfection―cast iron cooking whatever you want, whenever you want it, has never been easier or more satisfying.

It is the complete cast iron cookbook, making the best use of this multi-functional pan while keeping mealtimes quick and affordable.

  • 150 recipes specifically designed for simple cast iron cooking and a wide variety for every meal
  • Quick and Easy labels show recipes that can be cooked in under 30 minutes
  • Invaluable tips and hacks for cast iron care to ensure your skillet will serve you for many one-pan meals to come long into the future

Along with dozens of one-pan recipes and helpful tips, this cast iron cookbook teaches you how to clean and care for your skillet. From seasoning and heating the pan to must-have companion tools, you’ll be ready to wow family and friends with 150 delicious recipes. What’s more, if you give it the proper care, your cast iron skillet will last a lifetime.

If you’ve been looking for a cast iron cookbook that’s easy to follow, the Cast Iron Cookbook for Beginners gets things cooking!