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Anonymous Ism - Indigo Cable Beanie - Indigo

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-Style # 15517800

-Rib knitting

-Size : W 7.67"  x H 8.26"

-100% Cotton.

-Made with Indigo yarn used for making denim. 
  The core of the yarn is white, so it's aging the more you use and wash it. 

*There is a lot difference because the color is faded by the washing process. Please note that the colors may differ slightly from the photos.

-Made in Japan

<Care Instruction>

  • Please wash separately.
  • If you rub it against something else when it is wet with sweat or rain, or if you leave it in contact with it, the color may transfer.
  • If it is exposed to sunlight for a long time while sweating, it may discolor.