3sixteen - BDU Giraffe Print

$ 220.00

Brand 3sixteen
We’ve never actively sought to use giraffe print before; this was a fabric that we felt we had to employ somehow as soon as we saw it. The base fabric is a mid-weight cotton twill that is fully top printed with the giraffe pattern. The big pattern almost looks like patchwork from afar; as the fabric wears, the print will slowly fade and the base fabric will start to show through. While this will take a
long time, we are excited to see how this will look after years of wear. The print itself is bold without being ostentatious due to the muted colors.

Inspiration for our BDU shirt comes from Vietnam War-era fatigues, which we’ve combined with an updated fit and trademark 3sixteen detailing. We’ve replaced the traditional bulky pockets with ones that feature streamlined center bellows, and added hidden hand pockets for a more modern appeal.
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Replica BDU buttons
  • Bellow front pockets
  • Made in USA