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Studio D'Artisan - (FOX-015) FOX Crazy Sweatshirt - Coyote (Brown) x Road Runner (Green)

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SDA made the original FOX yarn for sweatshirts and knitted it with a hanging knitting machine. Coyote (brown) and road runner (green) are used for the front and back threads for each color, and the heather tone peculiar to the hanging knitting machine is expressed only with the original FOX thread.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Loopwheel Fabric (Tsuri-Ami)
  • Made in Japan

Sally Fox has long advocated organic cotton cultivation and owns an organic cotton field in California. A large amount of defoliants and pesticides sprinkled when growing cotton,

It also warns that more than 90% of the world's cotton is genetically modified.

She developed jeans, denim jackets, and T-shirts made from 5,000-year-old brown cotton that she revived in 1989. "Fox cotton" is the true color of cotton that has turned white due to human circumstances, and has the original functions of cotton such as air content and ultraviolet reflectance. It is characterized by the natural cavities of the fibers unique to organic farming, which are hand-picked one by one after maturity, and when the texture increases, it undergoes aging that can be mistaken for vintage.


Medium Large XL
Pit-to-Pit 20.50" 22" 23"
Sleeve 24" 24.50" 25"
Length 24.25" 25" 26.25"
Waist Band 15.75" 16" 19"