Outerknown - BBQ Shirt - Malachite Sabado Stripe

$ 49.00 $ 98.00

  • Made of a soft organic cotton and hemp blend for a super breathable and lightweight fit and feel. T
    his BBQ Shirt's gonna kick it up a notch and put some liquid smoke in that wardrobe. 
  • We got those natural corozo nut buttons and nice textures in a new-school, modern cut.
  • Printed on the inside for a more vintage, lived-in look.

93% organic cotton, 7% hemp.

Organic cotton cuts out all the harmful synthetic chemicals used to grow conventional cotton, making for safer working conditions for farmers and a healthier planet.

Hemp is a radical natural fiber that’s versatile, durable and grows extremely fast with little added water. Blended with other fibers, it can help extend the life of a product.

Our natural corozo buttons are made from tagua palm nuts gathered from the forest floor–a solid alternative to plastic.

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